Best Car Air Purifiers in India 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

More than luxury, a car air purifier has become a necessity since the roads and highways we’re traveling have much higher levels of air pollution than our home.

The things get even worse when you take your pet in the car or smoke while in the car.

According to a report, it is estimated that an Indian spends nearly 24 hours per week on an average inside the car and the pollution levels can be 5 times worse than the outside conditions?

Putting an end to the increasing air pollution isn’t very easy as it requires a lot of support from both the people and the government. However, we can protect ourselves by using the best car air purifier.

Top 10 Best Air Purifiers for Car in India 2019

Here are the most popular air purifiers for car available in India right now.

Car Air Purifier ModelFeatures
Honeywell Move PureActive Carbon & HEPA Filter, 12 Cu m/hr, Less noise, Easy mount
MANN Filter FC 301HEPA and activated carbon, 25.5 m3/h CADR, Silent mode, USB port for charging
Purita™ Premium HEPA15 m3/h CADR, Gesture Induction Control, Covers up to 80 sq.ft, Less Noise (<29dB)
Philips GoPure Compact 1103-stage air filtration, Removes PM2.5 ultra fine particles, toxic gases and TVOC
Kent Magic25 cu.m/hr, Less power consumption, HEPA filter, Auto switch on/off
AirSpa360 degree air filtration, HEPA, Removes PM2.5, formaldehyde, 7 m3/hr CADR
Gliese ElegantCompact design, 360 degree air filtration process, Removes PM2.5 particles
H3O PureCADR: 8 m3/h, Fits in cup holder, HEPA filter, Easy installation
JKM JO-6278Plug into the cigarette lighter jack and use, Eliminates bad odors, relieve from car sickness

What is a Car Air Purifier?

It is a compact/portable device with HEPA and activated carbon filter that helps in removing the dust particles, harmful gases (cigarette smoke, car fumes etc…) and even pet dander inside your car.

It is smaller in size and can be plugged into your car’s lighter slot for powering up.

Before finding the best car air purifiers in India, it is highly suggested to know some basics about the different options that you should choose from while picking an air purifier for your car.

Different Types of Filters in a Car Air Purifier

  1. HEPA Filter:High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter (HEPA) helps in removing 99.97% of the airborne particulates as small as 0.3 µm. It can filter dust and dirt effectively but can’t filter gases and odor.
  2. Activated Carbon Filter: You need an activated carbon filter to remove those harmful gases, chemicals and odor from the air in your car.
  3. Ozone Generator: It emits ozone gas to remove harmful gases in the air. But, it is highly recommended not to purchase an air purifier with ozone generator as it itself is quite harmful for health.
  4. -ve Ion Generator: The generator produces negative ions which attach to the dust particles, mold and pollen in the air and make them fall to the ground due to overweight.
  5. Air Freshener: There are selected air purifiers with built-in air freshener that helps mask the odor in the car. But, don’t purchase individual air fresheners thinking that they would remove gases or dusts in the air. You need a car air purifier to do so.

Best Car Air Purifier under 10000 in India

These air purifiers come with advanced HEPA technology to remove harmful toxins and particles from the air and provide you with fresh and clean air.

1.Honeywell Move Pure Car Air Purifier

Honeywell Move Car Air Purifier India

Honeywell, a Fortune 100 company, is one of the best brands when it comes to home appliances and they’re doing excellent with their lineup of air purifiers too.

The Honeywell Move is a portable HEPA air purifier for car that removes PM2.5, dust and harmful pollutants.

It uses the advanced carbon filter to remove cigarette smoke, formaldehyde, viruses, toxic gases, bacteria and odour.

It is 100% ozone free and does not omit any ions. The purifier is power efficient and produces very less noise.


  • High Grade HEPA Filter
  • Advanced Double Layer Active Carbon Filter
  • 100% Ozone free
  • CADR: 12 Cu m/hr
  • Less noise (<49 dB)
  • Power Efficient (12 V DC)
  • 2 Fan speed modes
  • Easily mounted on the dashboard
  • Automatically starts with previous settings once the car gets started
  • Filter replacement reminder
  • 1 Year warranty
  • 0.6 Kg (weight)
  • Suitable for small cars to SUVs

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2.MANN Filter FC 301 Car Air Purifier

mann car hepa air purifier

The FC301 purifier provides 4x faster CADR within 2 minutes using the HEVA technology.

It protects against PM2.5, harmful gases, micro organisms and removes cigarette smoke and odors.

It also comes with an integrated air quality sensor and a USB port for charging your electronic devices on the go.

It has a CADR of 25.5 m3/h and consumes very less power (5w).


  • Advanced air filtration using HEPA and activated carbon
  • Air quality indicators
  • 4x faster CADR vs other car purifiers
  • CADR of 25.5 m3/h
  • 99% removal of PM2.5 using HEVA filter technology
  • Silent mode (<40 dB)
  • USB port for charging (can be used as a mobile power bank)
  • 998 g (weight)
  • 1 Year warranty
Purita HEPA Car Air Purifier India

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3.Purita™ Premium HEPA Car Air Purifier

Purita Premium is one of the most popular HEPA air purifiers for car in India with 15 m3/hour CADR (clean air delivery rate), which is one of the highest CADR rates as of now.

It includes Pre-filter, HEPA filter, Activated Carbon & Anion and can reduce 99.9% of allergens, pollen, odors, pet dancer, dust, and TVOC.

It is ideal for kids, pregnant women and people with asthma, nasal congestion, allergies etc…

It comes with a 3-color air quality indicator and digitally displays the temperate and humidity inside the car so that you can know how/whether the air purifier works.

This car air purifier covers up to 80 sq feet so that you can use it not only in your cars but also at your desktops, kitchens and pet rooms.

Thanks to the compact size, it fits perfectly in your cup holder.

There is a 1 year warranty on the product.


  • Compact size; Fits in the cup holder of the car
  • CADR: 15 m3/h
  • Air Quality Indicator
  • Digital Display of Temperature & Humidity
  • Gesture Induction Control Feature (wave hand to power on/off & change modes)
  • Covers up to 80 sq.ft
  • Less Noise (<29dB)
  • Removes PM 2.5 particles
  • Removes formaldehyde & TVOC
  • Available in Silver, Grey & Rose Gold colors
  • Weighs 308g

Best Car Air Purifiers in India under 5000

4.Philips GoPure Compact 110 Air Purifier for Car

philips portable air purifier for car

This compact air purifier comes with 3-stage air filtration process and can eliminate up to 99% of the air pollution inside your car.

It’s unique GoPure technology (HEPA+HESA filters) removes PM2.5, toxic gases and offers 3x better removal of nicotine (smoke residue) compared to the ionizers.

It just takes 15 minutes to completely purify the air in your car and comes with automatic on/off switch that works with ignition.

It is very easy to install and comes with long cable and mounting accessories.


  • 3-stage air filtration process
  • Prefilter, HEPA filter and HESA filter
  • Removes PM2.5 ultra fine particles, toxic gases and TVOC
  • Automatic Switch on/off
  • 2 fan speed modes
  • Easy to install
  • Power efficient
  • 610 gms (weight)

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5.Kent Magic HEPA Car Air Purifier

kent car hepa air purifier

This portable purifier for car from Kent comes with HEPA air filtration technology, which can remove PM2.5 particles efficiently.

The activated carbon filter helps in removing the unpleasant odors inside the car.

It consumes 3.6 w of power and produces very less noise.

The air flow level is 25 cu.m/hr and the product is very lightweight. Installation is very easy and can be done without professional help.


  • Plug and play operation
  • CADR: 25 cu.m/hr
  • HEPA filter
  • Covers up to 50 sq.ft area
  • Less power consumption
  • Silent mode
  • Auto switch on/off
  • 450 g (weight)
  • 1 year warranty

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6.Gliese Elegant HEPA Car Air Purifier

Gliese portable air purifier

Gliese’s air purifier combines 360 degrees HEPA air filtration and Anion tech to get rid of smoke residue (nicotine) in your car along with harmful particles, dust (PM2.5), bacteria, allergens and viruses.

The body is scratch resistant and it comes with a LED control on/off switch.

The installation is pretty easy and straightforward and is suitable for all cars ranging from medium to top end models.

It is so compact that it fits in your car’s cup holder.


  • 360 degree air filtration process
  • HEPA advanced technology
  • Removes PM2.5 particles, allergens, viruses
  • LED control on/off switch
  • Compact design with scratch-resistant body
  • Consumes very less power and silent
  • 250 g (weight)
  • 1 year warranty

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7.Nimble House Car Mini Air Purifier

Nimble House Mini Air Purifier for Car

It is a mini air purifier for car with True HEPA filter. The 3-stage filtering process helps in eliminating up to 99% of all harmful gases, bacteria, odors, smoke, dust, poller and other particles inside the car.

The CADR is 7 m3/hour and it produces less noise (<36dB) and requires 12V DC car adaptor to power the device.

It removes PM 2.5, PM 10 particles with up to 99.7% efficiency.

It comes with 1 year warranty.


  • True HEPA Filter
  • CADR: 7 m3/h
  • Removes PM2.5 & PM10 particles
  • Less Noise (<36dB)
  • DC 12V Car Adaptor
  • Easy to install & use
  • Ideal for small cars
  • Weighs 426g

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8.AirSpa Car Air Purifier with HEPA & Ionizer

airspa compact air purifier

AirSpa is another compact HEPA air purifier with 360 degree high efficient filtration technology.

It removes formaldehyde, PM2.5 ultra-fine particles and Benzene.

The CADR is 7 m3/hr and can be operated on a very less power (DC). It uses the ionizer technology to neutralize the harmful ions present in the atmosphere.


  • 360 degree air filtration
  • HEPA advanced technology
  • Active loader waylay filter
  • CADR: 7 m3/hr
  • Removes PM2.5, formaldehyde
  • DC10 to 15 w power consumption
  • 250 gms (weight)
  • Compact design
  • 1 year warranty

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9.H3O Pure Car Air Purifier

h30 car purifier india

This is another popular compact air purifier for car that comes with 360 degree high efficient HEPA filter that removes PM2.5 and benzene.

It just takes 15 minutes to completely clean the air inside your car and utilizes very less power (10-15V).

The CADR is 8 m3/hr and is ideal for small cars.


  • 360 High-efficient HEPA filter
  • PM2.5, Benzene and Formaldehyde removal
  • CADR: 8 m3/h
  • Active loader waylay filter
  • Fits in cup holder
  • Easy installation
  • Low power consumption and less noise
  • 250 g (weight)
  • 1 year warranty

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10.JKM JO-6278 Air Freshener & Odors Eliminator

plug in car air purifier

It is not a full-fledged air purifier but can eliminate the smoke, dust and common air pollutants in the air along with creating a refreshing aura in your car.

This stylish and compact ionizer improves the air quality in your car.

It is also very easy to install. Just plug it into your car’s cigarette lighter and the device starts working automatically. So, it works with ignition.

Ideal for low or moderate pollution levels. Not suited for Delhi and other highly polluted cities.


  • Plug into the cigarette lighter jack and use
  • Easy installation
  • Removes smoke, dust and PM2.5 pollutants in the air
  • Eliminates unpleasant odors
  • Helps relieve from car sickness
  • Ionizer (not recommended if you’re a very frequent car traveler)
  • Low power consumption and less sound
  • 50 g (weight)
  • 1 year warranty

All these best car air purifiers in India are perfect in their own price range. So, choose the one that suits your budget.